Years of experience in delivering the best and most daring men’s underwear to the people.

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We wanted to make Underwear that would Bring Joy to people. Stylish, brave, and comfortable. Those were the words of our CEO Yiu Yan Leung when he approached Guangzhou Chang Tong Apparel Co., Ltd. Since 2012 our brand has grown so much that we are reaching out to all continents, including South America and Europe. People are in need of stylish, yet affordable underwear. In our main market China, Brave Person Underwear is very well established as the streetwear for the young, beautiful, brave and successful. We cater mostly to gay men, which makes us unique in China’s ever growing, but still quite conservative underwear market.

Men's Briefs

We produce men’s briefs that were no possible to even request back in our early days. We are pushing the limit of “too much skin” idea every day. If you enjoy it, then why not?

Men's Jockstraps

We were brave enough to start broducing branded jockstraps. They were an instant hit in the rather conservative market of China.

Large Anatomical Pouch Design

We are the first Chinese company to produce Large Anatomical pouch Design, which is designed solely to western market. For this we reached to western models living in China to show the product.

Some of our most popular and daring designs

This is a display of our most daring underwear on the Chinese market. We produce something new every month, and want to push the limits of what is acceptable in asian market space. All these design are available in our trusted reseller

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Our Factory is located in Guangzhou, China. Unfortunately we are not open to public, but in media enquiries you can contact our customer service

[email protected]

If you wish to purchase any of our products, please refer to our official reseller, or contact us through the contact form.

Room 2503, Building C, 

Xingangzhong Road, Haizhu District, 

Guangzhou, Guangdong, 

China 510310